Helping people move from financial uncertainty to financial freedom

Nicholas Cook

Financial Consultant and Coach

Nicholas Cook

Nicholas Cook has a variety of experience and education. He previously worked as a Financial Advisor for five years and has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance.  He is passionate about helping people with their finances.

How it Works

When we meet to discuss your financial situation, here’s what happens.

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Schedule a Call

Your situation will be assessed, we will discuss your goals, and give you a clear plan.

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Your Financial Plan

You will receive concrete action items that will aim at ways to create more cashflow through planning related to your finances.

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Ongoing Monitoring

You will have the option to continue ongoing financial monitoring and accountability as you become more free to spend time how you desire without worrying about your money.


“When I think of Nick some of the words that come to mind are smart, sensible, devoted, accurate, organized, dependable and passionate. If you need assistance you can certainly depend on Nick!”
Dwight Stagg
"Nick has helped guide me through many financial decisions. He has abundant financial knowledge and cares about my financial future."
"Nick is strategic, magnanimous, loyal, caring, wise, down-to-earth, and a great listener. As a former financial advisor colleague, I heartily recommend Nick as a key partner in achieving your financial/life goals.”
Seth J.

Nicholas is also the Founder of Money 101 Academy. Learn more on the YouTube Channel by clicking the button below.